All the information you need!

Here you will find all the forms, kit lists, policies and procedures you should ever need to know. It is a page for parents and prospective parents. It is currently in the process of being edited, so new files will be added. If you have any questions pleases do get in touch with us. We also put lots of information on our Facebook page, nice photos on our Instagram feed, have just started a blog and we are fledgling Twitter users too - phew!!

East Grinstead Pre-school

parents handbook

We hope this handbook covers everything you need to know about Treehoppers! Please read it in conjunction with our Kit List and our Recommended Supplier List.

It will be reviewed and updated regularly as we are continually thinking of extra bits that need to go in it! If, one you have read it you think of something that we have missed please do let us know.



Forms, forms & Fees…

Would you like to join our waiting list or are ready to apply? Please contact us at We are just moving to a more online system for forms to try to get away from paper forms.

Once your child is ready to join we will ask you to complete the ‘All About Me’ section on our Tapestry online jounal.

We are open for 46 weeks a year. Our term dates are here:

Click here for 2019. Click here for 2020

Fees & Funding - Please click HERE for more information on this and to get an understanding of the impact of low rates of funding on early years providers.


Key policies & procedures can be found here. This is not an exhaustive list but include the ones we think parents will want to see. We also have a huge number of Risk Assessments (as I’m sure you can appreciate) which we have not included, but are very happy to share with parents. Please just ask.

tapestry learning journal

Tapestry Learning Journal

We use Tapestry as our online learning journal. It is a great way for us to be able to share photographs, videos and observations of your children and their time with us. You can like and comment on these, just as you would with social media and you can also add your own photographs which is lovely for us to see.

We will be adding some links here soon with tips for parents/carers on how to use Tapestry.