Like all nurseries and pre-schools we will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. We feel that the Forest School approach gives fantastic opportunities for play and learning in a wonderfully inspiring woodland setting. By virtue of the changing seasons and weather no day in the forest will ever be the same.  

  • Children’s social and personal skills will improve as they work together to solve problems.

  • They will develop an understanding of risks and what the rules or boundaries are to be able to play safely.

  • Stories, songs, role play activities, learning the names of animals, insects, reflecting on the activities they do during the day - all help to build childrens language, literacy and communication skills.

  • They will have the space and freedom to run around & explore, to climb, jump and balance. There will be lots of opportunities for physical activities and for them to develop their gross motor skills; fine motor skills will also develop from handling equipment, ropes and tools.

  • Outdoors, just as indoors there are lots of opportunities for early maths - for example counting and calculating various materials/resources/sticks and while playing games. The Forest School approach encourages descriptive and positional language e.g. put this under, over, on top of etc.

  • Their understanding of the world will be enhanced by seeing the changes in the landscape, learning about the trees, birds and animals – they will for example be able to find out and identify bugs & birds they may not have seen before.

  • Children will be free to create, paint and mark make using different mediums (including natural paints: mud, berries, chalk) and tools.

  • They will learn new songs and rhymes and make music outside.

Being outdoors has a positive impact on childrens wellbeing and helps all aspects of childrens development. Being outdoors offers opportunities for doing things in different ways and on different gives children first hand contact with weather, seasons and the natural world.
— The EYFS, Every Child Matters 3.3
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