Treehoppers Forest Kindergarten

Treehoppers Forest Kindergarten is based in woodland in East Grinstead, West Sussex and opened in October 2018. We are passionate about being outside in the woods and the benefits this can have on children. Some of our own favourite childhood memories were of playing outdoors - climbing trees, making mud pies, collecting petals to make perfume and playing hide and seek in the woods. We want to give Treehoppers' children an outdoor adventure and the chance to make some fantastic memories of their own!

Children can join us in the term they turn 3 years old. We accept 15 & 30 hour government funding.

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What really happens at a Forest Kindergarten? Why should you choose one for your child? What are the advantages to learning outdoors? If you are wondering how it all works have a look at our 'Frequently asked questions' page.

Click here to see photos of the sorts of things we do.

visit us

If you would like to visit us during the week please contact us by email at We also plan to hold an open day at the weekend at least once a term so you can see the site, find out how it all works and meet the team.