Treehoppers Forest Kindergarten - A woodland Nursery in East Grinstead

Treehoppers Forest Kindergarten is based in woodland in East Grinstead, West Sussex and opened in October 2018. We are passionate about being outside in the woods and the benefits this can have on children. Some of our own favourite childhood memories were of playing outdoors - climbing trees, making mud pies, collecting petals to make perfume and playing hide and seek in the woods. We want to give Treehoppers' children an outdoor adventure and the chance to make some fantastic memories of their own.

Children can join our outdoor pre-school & nursery in the term they turn 3 years old - so if their birthday is in December, they can join us in the September. We are open 46 weeks of the year, 8.30 am to 3.30 pm Monday - Wednesday. We also run a weekly Parent & Toddler group, a monthly Childminders group and a holiday club so there are lots of opportunities for you and your children to join us in the woods for some outdoor learning, exploration & fun.

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What really happens at a Forest Kindergarten? Why should you choose one for your child? What are the advantages to learning outdoors? If you are wondering how it all works have a look at our 'Frequently asked questions' page.

Join us on one of our regular weekend Open days. These are usually held at least once a term and give you a chance to see what the site offers, find out more about us and meet the team.

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parent & toddler groups & childminder groups

If your little one isn’t yet old enough to join our Woodland Nursery, come along to our Tiny Treehoppers Parent & Toddler group which runs every Wednesday 10-11.30am.

It’s a great way for your little one to get to know the site, the staff and the β€˜forest school way’. Adults can enjoy having a cuppa and a chat while the children have fun in the woods. We also run a monthly group on the first Thursday of each month for childminders. Click HERE to find out more.